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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  September 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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if you didn't pick up enough rain today, not to worry. we have more showers and thunderstorms on the way into saturday. more on that part of your forecast minutes away. finally, donald trump stumping in canton tonight. we will take you live to the campaign stop and a look at how he is winning over ohio voters. from the station that sees the possible, this is channel 3 news brought to you by universal windows direct. you will be saying, i love my windows. and now channel good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news. we have learned that a 15-year- old norton boy was hit and killed by a school bus. it happened this afternoon. it happened across the street from the norton high school on greenwich road. channel 3's jasmine monroe joins us from the scene. good evening, jasmine. >> reporter: good evening to you, jimmy. the scene is clear here in front of norton high school.
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minutes ago. they finished up the scene and wrapped it up. they have been here since a 911 phone call was received stating that a 15-year-old boy was hit by a school bus. first responders tell us upon arrival to the scene there was nothing they could do to help this boy and they said it was a tragic scene for everyone. i spoke to one student who was on the bus during the incident and he tells us when it happened. the entire bus burst into tears. >> he tri was just too late when it happened. he was on a skateboard over there. he tried to flip it up to catch it, but he tripped over it and fell like right in front of the bus and got hit. >> reporter: now, everyone was hysterical at the scene. the norton school district is right now inside of the schoolworking on a plan to help these students get through the
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now, we are learning more tonight in the suspected serial killings in ashland and richland counties. investigators found a body in a burned out richland county house and then two more bodies in an ashland home. one of the bodies in that home has been identified today as 43- year-old stacey stanley. she went missing from huron county last week. the two other bodies in the case have not yet been identified. but we do know that the sp in this case, shawn grate, is being held on an abduction charge and we expect more charges to be filed. channel 3's monica robins joins us from ashland where many families and the community are looking for answers. >> reporter: this house behind has become a morbid attraction as many people came by to take a look. it's still parked off with police crime tape. for stacey stanley's family, it's a memorial and a horrible reminder of what the woman went
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>> it's kind of weird and creepy. i am glad i live out in the country now. >> reporter: they used to walk by the house daily on their way to school. shocked after learning what was found inside. >> it's very disturbing. sad. makes me sick to my stomach. makes me want to puke. >> reporter: shawn grate arrested after the bodies of two women discovered after another abducted woman was able to escape and call for helpful one of the bodies was that of combing the streets for her since last week. >> we put one fire out in front of his face on that landry mat door. if he looked out the window, he knew we were closing in on him. >> reporter: they are upset police didn't take more action when they reported her missing. >> why doesn't she have a case number? we had to have a case number to report like to you guys or whatever. they said they had a mix-up. she didn't have a case number as i know of until the morning they found them dead bodies. >> reporter: family and friends
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nearby. meanwhile, shirley wolf thought the missing women might have attended her church. >> it's scary. it really is scary, you know. we got all of these teens that think that the streets are safe. >> reporter: two other women tell me that they actually came in contact with shawn grate, as well. , and now both of them are thankful they never stepped inside this house. monica robins, channel 3 news. >> thanks very much for that. now we are going to take you to richland co investigators spent the day searching for more clues after a third body was found in connection with this case. channel 3's karlie flynn morgan continues our team coverage. good evening, karlie. >> reporter: good evening, jimmy. of the three bodies connected to this suspect, the one here in richland county was the third discovered, but likely the first victim believed to have been here since june. the woman's remains were only recovered today. now authorities will work to make an i.d.
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year-old shawn grate, led them to this property tuesday. it took investigators five minutes to find the remains 60 feet behind this tree line near a ravine. no clothes were found nearby. the remains skeletal. he said he killed the woman in the house, dragged her body outside, and set the house on fire. a forensic team collected evidence from the woods and removed the ma charred house placing evidence in the bags, even using a backhoe to help. investigators looking for personal items and possibly blood to confirm what they already suspect. >> we think we know who the victim is. we have a name. we can't release the name because we haven't notified next of kin, nor have we verified that's who it is. >> reporter: an official i.d. will take a few days or weeks. as for this suspect's
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and likely stayed here from time to time. reporting live in richland county, karlie flynn morgan. new information in that disturbing picture you probably saw from east liverpool, ohio. it shows a little boy in the back seat of a car while his grandmother and friend are passed out from a heroin overdose. tonight we're learning the 4- year-old is going to live with family in south carolina. the boy is now in the custody of a great aunt and uncle in myrtle beach, we have also learned his grandmother only had custody of him for six weeks. the boy's grandmother was charged with child endangerment and public intoxication. today crews started taking down the gazebo where 12-year- old tamir rice was shot and killed by a cleveland police officer. the gazebo will soon be on the way to a chicago museum. the gazebo became a makeshift
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death sparked black lives matter protests. tamir's mother wanted the gazebo to become a symbol for what happened to him. today as cleveland's school district gets ready to ask vote he is for a tax renewal, district's ceo eric gordon gave a state of the schools address. he said they need help from the voters of cleveland. the school district has started a process to seek a four-year renewal of the $15 million levy. it costs the owner of a $50,000 house $230. tomorrow the state will release its annual report cards for each school district, including cleveland schools, which have the fifth worst test scores in ohio last year. coming up on the news a 7, donald trump makes his way into ohio tonight and political correspondent tom beres is live in canton as trump rallies for ohio votes. it's the final ride. the mean streak ready to close down this friday. we'll tell you how you can be
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coaster forever. plus, a response to colin kaepernick's national anthem protest and it's going viral. we will show you how a texas family is simply walking all over kaepernick's jersey when we come back after the break. you're watching channel 3
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welcome back everybody. 54 days now until the presidential election, and hillary clinton is expected to be back on the campaign trail tomorrow. she has been recovering from pneumonia and is scheduled to appear in north carolina on thursday. now, she has spent the last several days at home recovering. clinton was originally
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las vegas today, but former president bill clinton stood in for hillary at that event. now this may surprise you. tonight for the first time a new poll shows donald trump is leading hillary clinton here in ohio by five points. the bloomberg politics poll puts trump ahead 48% to 43%. other recent polls have shown the exact opposite with clinton still on top. experts say, though, clinton's recent health issue could be taking a toll and tonight, as a matter of fact, right now republican presidential candidate donald trump himself is right here in ohio. he is in canton right now as we look in live. channel 3's senior political correspondent tom beres is there, as well, who spoke to trump supporters today about the latest controversy surrounding this campaign. here's tom. hi, tom. >> reporter: well, hi, jim. you know, donald trump
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upbeat, enthusiastic about that poll where he has a five-point lead that you told us about. but also very upset by hillary clinton's recent remark calling half of trump supporters, quote, a basket of deplorables. now, many trump backers told me they are veterans, hard-working americans, and resent being labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic. clinton's stock wa already with those, but those comments pushing it much lower. >> she has a lot of nerve to do that. we took that as an insult. >> put everyone in one basket. >> you shouldn't call people names like that. >> i expect that out of here. she is low class, you know? she is a democrat. she does what democrats do.
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i feel adorable. >> reporter: well, start counting. one of a handful of ohio counties that political watchers keep the closest eye on to see how the buckeye state may be going, donald trump making his fourth campaign event in northeast ohio in just ten days. i will have a complete wrap-up of his speech at 11. reporting live in canton, tom beres. back to you. >> thanks very much. we look forward to that at 11. now, if you are a the mean streak wooden rollercoaster at wooden point you have one last shot to take a ride before the park close it is down this friday. if you want to be the last person to ride the coaster, park officials say you need a little bit of luck. the ride will be open from 6 to 7 p.m. on friday. whoever is last in line gets to be on the last train out of the station. after the last ride the park will hold a closing ceremony.
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will, where we lay mean streak to rest. it will be the last ride from 6 to 7. we will have a procession where we can lay pieces of the ride in the dead ride cemetary and say good-bye forever. >> when many streak opened up in 1991, it was the world exist tallest and fastest wooden roller coast. friday is the kickoff to hallow weekend. and coming up next, it's a creative response to colin kaepernick's national anthem family is responding and how their actions are a hot topic on social media. plus, we are clear and cool tonight. not a bad looking night out there. what about tomorrow? michael is in for betsy.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. samsung says it has a partial fix for the galaxy note 7 smartphone batteries after reports of them overheating last week. samsung announced a software update for the devices that will limit battery recharges to 60%. the update will first hit south korea. no word yet when the update will be issued here in the united states. samsung also hasn't clarified whether the update will make the phones permanently safe to
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consumers to stop using the devices and return them for another one. uber is now offering some customers a ride in a self- driving car. starting today in pittsburgh self-driving ford fusions will pick up uber riders who choose to participate. the cars are loaded with features that allow them to navigate on their own. there is a driver behind the wheel to take control of the car if something goes awry as well as an uber engineer in the front the idea is getting mixed reviews over in pittsburgh. >> i would definitely feel comfortable riding a self- driving car. i trust it over human drivers. >> i can't speak for other people, but it's kind of scary. you never know what's gonna happen. >> uber says eventually the fleet will grow to include volvo sc90 crossovers. a texas cigar lounge is getting attention on social media over the new door mat. the man cave in league city,
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jersey to the ground outside of their front door. it's a response to the san francisco 49er quarterback's recent protest on the -- during the national anthem. the owner of the man cave says he has no plans to move that jersey. michael is in for betsy and joins us right now. quite a day today. boy, it's cooler outside. >> it really is. noticeably. did you wake up to any rainfall this morning? >> a little bit. >> just a little. in some parts we picked up a little bit more. ak inch. here in cleveland a little better than a tenth. we could use some more. they are seeing more rainfall in the southeast. this is the coastline of georgia and south carolina. what you're looking at right there, well, that's tropical storm julia. currently winds at 40 miles per hour. and notice that through friday not really moving a whole heck of a lot meaning that a ton of rainfall expected down towards charleston.
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family down towards charleston, i would give them a quick phone call and let them know that a whole lot of rainfall is on the way. just check in on them. of course, they are already familiar with the fact that that's on the way. back at home though here's what things like on lake erie tomorrow. for the most part a decent looking day on the lake. i think we could see an isolated shower or two over the lake tomorrow. in the meantime, temperatures currently in the 60s. as jim was saying, that's cool, especially when you factor in say, 5 to 15 miles per hour from the north. we are dry right now, although a sprinkle or two is possible. what happened this morning was a cold front that moved on through ushered in some cooler air. for your day tomorrow on your thursday and then again on friday high pressure building into the buckeye state meaning we have a couple of really beautiful days ahead of us. take full advantage of it though because by saturday that's when we're tracking this
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what it will bring, rain and more thunderstorms here into northeast ohio. so any saturday plans you will want to make sure that you have a couple of indoor options available. here is the good news though. sunday just in time for the indians game. of course, our browns game, it looks awesome. tonight looking pretty good. an isolated sprinkle is possible. not all that likely. you can see over the lake for the day tomorrow the reason why we left in that 10% chance for a stray shower or two. but looking thursday. your forecast tonight, temperatures mid-to-upper 50s, lower 60s with the isolated sprinkle chance. we will call it partly cloudy. the seven-day forecast showing you temperatures in the low 70s tomorrow. so another cool one for us. friday lacking great. we're in the upper 70s, near
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lots going on in downtown. i think it looks good. >> good. sunday morning, historic moment before the browns game. the unveiling of the jim brown statue on the southeast corner of the stadium on sunday morning. we will tell you more about that coming up tonight at 11. thanks a lot, michael. i don't think you can data man until you date yourself. >> tomorrow on t.d. jakes key advice on how to prepare yourself for your future mate. bishop jakes takes a look at single. and that's tomorrow at three right here on wkyc. as for the browns, we will check in with them. there he is. rg3 fit with a sling. wondering when he will play again. will it be this year? will it be next year? and will it be for the browns? here's what's coming up
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and now the window nation sports report. >> well, the indians have had a tough time in chicago the last couple of nights. they lost two in a row to the white sox. they will try to turn that around tonight. they have tonight, tomorrow afternoon, and then the road trip is over. they come home for a big series over the weekend when they play the tigers. josh tomlin on the mound. he is back in the rotation because danny salazar is hurt. tomlin struggled in august. he went 0-5 with an 11.48 e.r.a. this is his first start since august 30th, and he hasn't won a game since july 30th. he has given up 35 home runs so far this year. the magic number for the indians 13. any combination of indians wins or tigers losses adding up to 13 and they win the division.
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they are a six point underdog in their home opener against the ravens. they committed 1-0. they squeaked by buffalo on sunday winning by a score of 13-10. the browns were blown out in philadelphia. rg3 is hurt but he is at practice. he attended practice today in a sling. he gets ready to watch from the sidelines hoping that he heals and maybe week 10 he can get back in there and play. >> it's sucks. just gonna continue to be there, you know, keep everything the same. keep the process the same. be there for the josh and the other qb's and rest of the team. be a vocal leader since i can't go out and lead by example and play. >> there he is. rg3 hoping to heal. he will see whether or not he needs surgery in the next three to four weeks. so the start goes to 37-year- old josh mccown. he will be the starting
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the ravens last year. that does it for us. "entertainment tonight" is coming up next. we will be back at 11. constant updates on our app and at have a great night, everybody. thanks for watching channel 3 news. take it with you wherever you go. text wkyc to 25543 now download
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?? ?? is michael jackson's little girl secretly married? only "e.t." is with paris and her man inside their very grown-up photo shoot. >> they were kissing, biting, pulling, hugging. >> plus, new bombshells from jonbenet ramsey's brother. >> it felt talking about it. >> then the "dancing with the stars" security scramble after the ryan lochte ambush. what we just learned. >> it was insane. >> plus justin timberlake. the new project bringing him to tv and a "big bang theory" exclusive. we're behind the scenes for the wedding re-do ith new cast members. >> what? >> now for september 14, 2016,


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